1. Why should I Invest in Sweden?

Sweden is a stable economy with highest (GDP) per capita among the EU. Direct foreign investments in Sweden increased by 6% in 2019, which are expected to increase by 8% in 2020. Sweden is a global leader in innovation with highly skilled human resource, sophisticated consumers, smooth business procedures and openness to international ownership. For foreign investors, Sweden is one of the easiest countries in the world to do business.

2. Why I choose Real Estate for investment in Sweden?

Sweden has extensive infrastructure in the world. There is still a huge gap of demand and supply in housing sector. Sweden has business friendly policies with low corporate taxes. Real estate is growing as profitable investment with highest rental incomes and fastest returns on investment. Property prices are getting higher every year, even got doubled in last 3 years in big cities of Sweden.

3. What type of investment opportunities are available in Sweden?

There is large number of investment opportunities available in Sweden particularly in real estate properties and running businesses. To see the available investment opportunities, visit www.tijaratinvestments.com

4. What are the benefits of investment in Sweden?

  • Investment in Sweden is protected safe and secure
  • The system is transparent, and procedures are smooth
  • There are guaranteed monthly rentals making value of money
  • Investment worth grows faster than the other regions
  • Minimum operating costs and low corporate taxes on investments
  • Future family settlements options available on behalf of investment

5. I am not living in Sweden. How can I be eligible for investment in Sweden?

You can make investment in Sweden living anywhere and having any nationality in the world. You don’t need to be resident of Sweden for investment.

6. Do I have to come to Sweden for Investment?

This is not mandatory. It’s up to your choice. You can make investment from any other country.

7. What are the real estate ROI and average monthly rentals in Sweden?

Average return on investment varies in different regions in Sweden. Normally it ranges from 10 – 20 % per annum depending upon the property prospects.

Monthly rentals are surely between 1 – 2 % of invested value.

8. What is the procedure of investment in Sweden?

  • It’s simple and smooth.
  • You need to select any property or business available for sale on www.tijaratinvestments.com
  • Call us or email for an advisory meeting, we will share detailed proposal and investment plan.
  • You must sign a service agreement with initial deposit of 25% of investment value.
  • Tijarat will invite you to visit Sweden on a business visit invitation.
  • You will have the opportunity to visit desired property or business to finalize.
  • Tijarat will facilitate you signing the buying contract with seller.
  • You will make deposit of remaining 75% of investment value.
  • We will then make transfer of ownership in your name.

9. What are your investments service charges?

We charge 10% of the investment value which is payable at the time of initial deposit against investment.

10. What are your property management services?

Property management services are tailored to the investor’s needs. On behalf of the owner, we take care and look after the investment properties with following services.

  • Administrative and financial management
  • Evaluating and marketing property
  • Tenant screening and showing
  • Rent-ready services, rent collection
  • Inspection, repairing and maintenance
  • Lease enforcement, reporting and accounting
  • Guaranteed monthly returns to investor

11. What are the property management fees?

Property management services are offered for at least 3 years @10% of rental income from the managed property or business.

12. How can I manage my property living out of Sweden?

You don’t need to be worried about your property. We have unique property management solution by which you can monitor and get updates on your property through our mobile application.

13. Can I apply for permanent residency after investing in Sweden?

Yes. You are eligible for applying permanent residency of Sweden for your family against your investment. We will help you all the way in getting PR.

14. What is the future of investment in Sweden?

Sweden is a developed country with fast paced economy. Investment in Sweden has more futuristic options available for re-investment and assets management.

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